Hello Glam Family!


Hello Glam Family!

The first few days of fall starts the countdown to Harvest Season, right?!

Are you planning to deck out your dream home in its Harvest finest this weekend? Or are you more into traditional fall decor? I particularly love shiny items.

This weekend I’m planning to shoot two back to back behind the scenes of myGlam Empire”. One non-seasonal product reveal and then a Harvest item! I’m so ready to break out my glammy pumpkin collection.


Last weekend, the Countdown to Fall went live in the shop. The Countdown to Fall Linen decor is created to help us savor every moment of the Thanksgiving season with 33 ways to get ready to produce productivity and inspiration. No holiday shall sneak up on Glam Girls! Thanksgiving and Christmas countdowns are coming next month. 😉

fall candle

The set is made to coordinate perfectly with the Fall and Glam October events.

In other G. Services and Design Shop news, Gorgeous around Town is releasing this weekend in four colors. Here’s a sneak peek!

While it’s been quiet here on gservicesdesign.com, it’s been all the way live on http://www.ldgaryceo.com with five Success Tips & Notes on the last four days. If you’ve missed the 7 Days of Fall series I started over the weekend, head over and get your fall engine started with some fall hauls and favorites.



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