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OMG, have you ever TALKED yourself out of a huge opportunity or blessing? This can be challenging and downright devastating when it happens.


Go on a word diet! Instead of watching your calorie intake, monitor your negative comments. Successful people speak great things into their lives, because they expect only the best for themselves. They focus on positive thoughts rather than filling their minds and their mouths with negativity. They understand the power of their words. Pay close attention to your words, and be sure to only speak greatness into your life. Focus your attention on what you’re thankful for and working toward. Spend the next 7 days observing your thoughts and words. Replace negative ones with positive ones immediately and take note of the difference it makes!


I’d love to hear how this quick tip has changed your mindset, opportunities, and faith. Leave your comments below to share your success stories.




LaShanda Gary

One thought on “WORDS HAVE POWER!

  1. Love the awesome positivity you share here. It’s quite amazing to remember how powerful the little words we say, could be.

    You’ve got a nice site.
    Hope you having a fabulous day.

    Much love,


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