Beginning a business or expanding can come with what seems to be an overwhelming to do list. Some may want to skip corners and just complete the bare minimum, which in my opinion just makes more work in the long run. I have narrowed down what I consider to be 4 essential plans to have in place when your goal is for your small business to succeed.


Listed below is an overview:

The Business Plan

What are the what, when’s, how’s, and whys of your business? Having this plan detailed and in place gives your brand/business direction, as well as focus. Need a business plan template?


The Branding Plan

What is your brand identity? What is your brand voice? What need does your brand fill? How do you want to be viewed by potential clients or other businesses?


The Marketing Plan

You have great products, but how do you get them to your ideal client, better even who is your ideal client? What is your market niche? What ways do you advertise to be the most effective? This plan will help you ensure that your product is being seen by the ones who need and will buy it.


The Profit Plan

Putting it altogether, how will you be profitable? What are your profit goals and how will you achieve them?


I’d love to hear your thoughts and plans about business. Leave your questions or comments below. Do you need help creating one of the above plans for your business? Contact us at: info@glaservice.com


LaShanda Gary




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