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 Would you like your business to be featured in a Business Spotlight piece? Each week we publish a new profile of a successful business, called a Money Maker & Business Shaker. To apply, read the FAQs below right, and complete the application form below.




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Hou$ton Hou$ewives of Finance

Catina Young, LaShonda Johnson, Toni Sanders


Mr. & Mrs. James and Natasha Roach

– Authors, Entrepreneurial Couple & Speakers Mr. and Mrs. Roach have over 18 years of combined experience in education, marketing and communications. Former founders of Simplicity Chocolate Confessions and Spiritual Designs, they now see a greater purpose for their lives. Mr. and Mrs. Roach currently own M & MR Marketing, LLC, are independent MLM state leaders in Mississippi (Jackson), four-time published authors, and developers of the Marriage on Purpose Seminars. Their focus is on being the comprehensive elements of what was designed by God for marriage and partnership. Walking in purpose has allowed them as Partners in Marriage and Business to stand out in this world. Their goal is to inspire, impact and initiate purpose in the lives of 10 million people by educating them on the marriage mindset through the principles of Love, Marriage & Partnership.

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What is a Spotlight piece?
A Business Spotlight article is coverage of an individual small business, offering inspiration and education for other business owners.

What businesses are eligible?
Businesses with 0 to 100 employees, as well as solo entrepreneurs, are eligible. Can be located anywhere in the world, in any industry.

How do you decide which businesses to spotlight?
Please fill out the questionnaire on this page.  We do an initial screening.  Then we will contact you either via email or phone to supplement the questionnaire.  We choose based on (1) how interesting your answers are, and (2) how useful the information will be to other readers. Lessons learned are always helpful.

What about the images?
Images can make all the difference.  Images are part of the content. The best images for a Spotlight are spontaneous — the kind of image you’d upload to Facebook or Twitter.  We’re looking for images of the “team in action.”  Behind-the-scenes images:  your offices, the team at lunch enjoying your favorite lunch food, a shot of the smiling “you” in a T-shirt with your company logo on it, a picture of the company mascot, or even the view out your office window.

Is there a fee to get a spotlight?
Absolutely not! All spotlights are editorial coverage. We will NEVER ask a small business to pay for an individual Spotlight.

How do I submit my business for a Spotlight?
It’s easy. Just fill out the questionnaire on this page.

Can my business sponsor the series?
Absolutely. Sponsorship opportunities are best for larger companies that wish to support the small business community. Please send this request directly to

 DBS Business Spotlight Questionnaire